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we have two difference products, you choose which 1?
1) Dermaflage (temporary effect)
2) Quickly Beauty cream (permanent effect)

For very very deep scars, we suggest you use demaflage. Dermaflage is silicon filler fill up the scars temporary until you tear it off when back home. Dermaflage info at

For scars not that deep (like the picture below), we suggest you use Quickly Beauty Scars Treatment cream Info at

Pros & Cons :
1)Dermaflage is just make up tool, it gives temporary result only.

2)Quickly Beauty cream is make up tool (temporary effect) , and it is also a skin care product (pemanent effect). First time using it get temporary result last for 5 hours. Continue using it for 3 months the result become permenent because it is skin care product fill in collagen into your skin deeply by nano technology.

Customers' video :
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

If you dont believe the video above, you may request me webcam or video call you to show you my scars are removed in 3 minutes after apply the cream.

Before After Picture 1

Before After Picture 2

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2
Quickly Beauty Scar Treatment Cream :

0.6ml tube rm29 + rm7 pos =rm36

30ml bottle rm169 + rm7 pos =rm176

After bank in, then send resit here, and tell me your name, phone, address. Tomorow post out product, then next day you will receive product.

Maybank Account Number : 107126074177
Name: Ang Eng Keat

CIMB Bank Account Number : 7022506793
Name : Ang Eng Keat

Public Bank Account Number : 4529704628
Name : Ang Eng Keat

Small tube is enough 2 times usage only and it is for try only. After try if result good then buy big bottle. Big bottle is enough for 60 times usages.

Apply this cream twice a day. Each time using it will provide you the good effect immediately but temporary that lasts for 4 hours only. So your skin is beautiful 8 hours a day if you apply twice a day.

The 2nd month only have to use this cream once a day.

The 3rd month only have to use this cream once every 3 days.

The 4th month you will no longer need to use this cream, as it has become permanent effect.

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